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Related post: Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 10:31:32 +1100 From: iarwain7 Subject: A Real Mouthful. Part Four.Usual Disclaimer: If you are not 18 years old yet do not read. If you are offended by male to male sexual content definitely do not read. If the laws in your state or county forbid this type of material, do not read. Otherwise enjoy the story and genuine comments will be appreciated.The author retains copyright (2004) to this story. Reproducing this story for distribution without the author's permission is a violation of that copyright.Well! This is the final section in the chronicles of Martin's hold over his fellow students. Strangely enough, I think I detect an anticipation and secret eagerness in all of them to follow his wishes. What do you think? A Real Mouthful Part 4."OK you two! I've thought about how to make the rest of the semester break interesting. I got the idea from one of Peter's stories so listen carefully. You already know about your half-hour practices and I'm going to join you in those. It'll work well with Reece there for me. Now! Here's the big thing, and you're going to work really hard for it too. Instead of cock sucking like you did last time we'll have a riding competition. It starts today and you all have to ride each other. You have a starting score of six so that's two rides each. Every time you break my rules, the daily score will go up by one and it won't come down again. We'll get Reece to keep a book again with all the details. Saturday is your free day when you don't have to do anything, and Sundays are your special days with me but we'll change that around if we need to. You'll have to put Reece's bed next to yours Peter because you're all be sleeping together every night.""What do you mean by special days Martin?""We'll be together all day for them Peter. They'll start with your half-hour test, then we'll be fitting in all the interesting ideas you think of, and in the evenings we'll have a kind of show again, except it will only be us four.""Ideas?""Yes! Every day you have to think of something interesting. If it's not good enough you get a extreme daddy preteen penalty and your score will go up. preteen lilitas nude You can think it out between you, and Reece can write it in the book each day. If it's a really good idea it could last for more than one day. Like if you all said you wanted to get nipple rings, then that would naked kids preteen last for three days."Peter and Giano were fairly quiet for the rest of the drive while they thought over what Martin had told them. At College they went to Martin's room first to dump his gear and then made their way to Peter's. When they went in Reece jumped up from his desk with a worried look on his face."Martin! I'm sorry I didn't come down to the cabin, but I just couldn't.""Reece! You didn't have any choice so don't worry. Peter kept the whole nine of us happy and it all worked out well. But aren't you pleased to see us?""Um! Yes!""Well get your clothes off then and give us all a hug."Typical Martin! Back for twenty seconds and Reece was being told to get naked. Peter saw Reece look at Giano and hesitate. It only lasted a moment before he took everything off in a great haste and wrapped himself round Martin."That's good Reece! Now give Giano a hug as well, but get all his clothes off first."Reece must have been wondering what Giano was doing there and how he fitted in, but he soon had him nude and gave him a quick hug."Hey! Act like you mean it Reece. Hold him tight and make him happy."Poor guy! Peter could see how worried he was about Martin because his eyes kept flicking back to him every couple of seconds. His lean, pale body stood out in sharp contrast to the Giano's dark, strong physique and the thought popped into Peter's head that maybe getting him tanned all over might be an idea Martin would like."Is he happy yet Reece?""Um! A bit! I hope so!""Use your mouth then. I want to get going."Reece didn't hesitate and Giano's beautiful boner was soon at full size and glistening with Reece's saliva."Ok preteen bright girls Giano! You do the same for Reece. He's already halfway there so it won't take much. Join in Peter so I can get you all started."Reece's puzzled preteens little look grew when his cock disappeared into Giano's mouth but then the pleasure he was feeling quickly took the look off his face."Get the lube out Peter! Good! Now make a daisy chain. Reece plug into Giano and Peter into model preteen nude Reece. Make this the second half-hour that you didn't get this morning Peter. But then you can shoot. You'll have to, because your riding score only counts when someone comes inside you. preteen naked galley When is the last time you jerked off Reece?""The night before last Martin. I thought you'd be back yesterday so I saved up for you and then I saved up again last night.""Well you have to last half an hour, but Peter and Giano will explain it all to you."Martin watched as they got themselves in motion. Peter was very careful when pushing himself into Reece, but he had no trouble and once they got started Martin left."I'll see you all at seven o'clock tonight."Reece's body felt great to touch and hold again, and Peter's cock liked being back in its old home too."Slow down Reece! You're not meant to come for half an hour.""Half an hour? I thought Martin meant we had to preteen model tpg keep going for half an hour. He often used to do that with us."He almost stopped moving at that and Peter had to show him the speed Martin expected."Peter! I can't preteen handjob tgp do that! I won't even last five minutes.""We can swap positions as much as we like so that will let you recover a bit."Reece didn't even last ten minutes. With three people it was even harder than two and they quickly worked out that the person in the middle was the only one who should move. When they finished they sat on the bed and had a long talk about everything that had happened. Peter could tell that Reece was starting to wonder how he'd fit in now that Giano was there, so he rolled on top of him and gave him a big hug and kiss."Giano and I really like each other Reece, but you're not left out. I've told him how nice you are and I can tell he already likes you."Giano joined in now, pushed Peter off and gave Reece another hug and kiss."Peter's right Reece! It'll be the three of us against Martin, and I do like you. Look what's happening from lying on top of you.""He's a jellyfish Reece and his cock jumps up even faster than yours. Feel how good it is.""A jellyfish?"Giano grabbed Reece's hand and held it on him."Yes! If he's standing up when he comes his bones all turn to jelly and he collapses in a heap."Giano started tickling Reece and for a couple of minutes they were laughing and wrestling. Peter dived on top. His dick was grabbed and then his balls as well when they breast preteen photo ganged up on him."Look at this giant thing Reece! He wears me out with it all the time, but with two of us we might be able to tame it."There was a lot of laughter as counterpoint to the indignant noises from Peter as they both dived on it and tried their taming techniques."It's impossible Giano. The more you try the bigger it gets.""I know! We'll tie it in a knot while it's soft.""Hey! Yes! Leave it alone and if it goes down we'll have a go.""It won't go down. He's a sex fiend. You saw the way he attacked us with it when we were having an innocent little cuddle.""Innocent! Oh My God Reece! If Martin hadn't taken charge, I'd still be pinned down on the floor by his cock while he jellyfished all over me."They carried on happily, cuddled together with Reece in the middle and talked for over illegal preteen bbs an hour about all sorts of things. Reece wanted to know what Martin had been like it and if he'd said much when only Peter could go to the cabin."He hardly said anything Reece. I think he's actually pleased that you didn't go because it's his excuse to get you till the end of the semester break. He was different too. Sometimes he'd be really friendly and then he'd snap back to being tough. Look at our ear studs. They're really good ones, and he paid for them both.""What about his? It's different to yours.""Paul gave him that. You'll meet Paul when he comes to stay. Martin will get us all to do stuff with him I'll bet. Martin likes him but he won't admit it. You should have seen his face when Paul gave him the best stud in the whole shop.""He preteen schoolgirl model likes Paul? Do you think Martin might be gay?""Of course he is. He slept with me and Giano every night, and he loves watching us do things. How much do you want to bet he finds an excuse to sleep here with the three of us and he'll be nude and have a boner all the time. Don't say anything though, or we'll be playing these games forever. He likes to think he's the macho boss.""Well he is!"No one disagreed with that."Reece! Come and have a swim with us while we do our training.""I can't swim much.""We'll help you then. Come on!"The pool was practically empty of people, and except for Martin and two other guys they had it to themselves. Martin was training so hard that they didn't even get to speak to him and then he left not long after. Reece was hopeless, but they showed him a few things and made him swim some laps. He soon stopped that, and mucked around till Peter and Giano finished. After their shower Reece drove them to a pasta restaurant when they decided they wanted to eat together but away from college. It preteen girls mpg was a great meal but they had to rush when they realised it was half-past six. Reece was the most worried, and preteenn galleries free they had to make him slow down in case they got a speeding ticket. At ten to seven they parked the car, raced to their room, tossed all their clothes on a chair, grabbed each other's cocks and started rubbing. Their boners popped up nicely but Giano got the giggles, which set Reece off and then Peter. When Martin let himself preteen topsites images in a couple of minutes later they were still smiling and he wanted to know what was going on."Nothing Martin! We panicked when we thought we were going to be late and nearly pulled each other's cocks off in the rush.""Well you'd better not be late. Now! Did you last for your half-hour when I left?""Martin! It's impossible with three people at once. We couldn't even last half the time.""I know! You won't have to do it like that when I test you but it was a good way to get Reece and Giano together. Now! How come you had Reece with you while you were training today?""We're trying to persuade him to get a bit fitter.""Well, when I saw him that's exactly what I thought too. You've got a good body Reece but you're not very fit are you?""No!""You're going to swim hard for at least half an hour every day, and Peter and Giano are going running with you for half an hour as well. I'm interested to find out if being fitter makes your cock work better. We'll see how much you've improved when College starts. How come you didn't wear your proper costumes at the pool? I left your speedos on the bench and you didn't wear them.""But you didn't tell us we had to.""I hope I don't have to tell you everything. It's put up your score for tomorrow by one which means it will be eight.""Eight? Don't you mean seven?""No! It should be nine with the two penalties from your first test, but you did such a good job with Paul that I'm letting you off one of them. Aren't I generous?"Martin pulled a notebook out of the carry-bag he'd brought with him, gave it to Reece and explained all the details that had to go into it. Next he pulled out three pairs of light blue speedos."I had to go to four op-shops after I left swimming to get this stuff for you guys. Blue is a good colour for speedos don't you think? Put them on and preteens lil pussys let's see how they fit."They were all about one size too small but since Martin had cut the linings out preteen nudist videos again, they were still loose at the front."It's a good effect when you wear the white ones Peter, but they'd be too much of a nuisance when you're training properly."He reached into the bag again and this time it was running shorts. The same light blue one for Peter, another light blue pair for Giano and bright red ones for Reece."I couldn't find another pair of light blue and it was hard enough getting the sizes right."Reece's looked really good on him but Giano was going to be embarrassed. They were the new kind with the cutaway sides and since they were loose you could see in behind them when the opposite leg pulled forward. Normally this wouldn't matter because you wore a jock that was a matching colour, but Martin's rules meant you had to free-ball."Gosh! I forgot the camera. We'll do that tomorrow night and put the pictures in the notebook. What's today's riding score up to Reece?""Um! I'm not sure. Three that I know of.""It's five Martin. We haven't done anything extra this afternoon.""Thanks Giano! So who should you be with Reece?""Giano!""Good! Away you go and I'll be with Peter. We've got a quarter of an hour and then I'm going to a movie."As he was walking out the door he told Peter and Giano they could do what they liked but Reece had to save himself."I'm going to get you working for me to night when we go to bed Reece."As soon as Martin was gone they started complaining how Martin had been unfair about the speedos, but Reece thought it out best."It doesn't matter what we think anyway, but I know what he's going to do. It will be just like last time Peter. By the end of the week he'll have us plugging into each other and shooting off all day preteen post gallery long like cuckoo clocks. Don't you remember that day we had to suck each other six times to get our numbers high enough? I think he's going to make us do it even more than that. It won't matter how hard we try to please him. He'll always have some way of making the score go up.""Oh My God! You're right Reece. We'd better buy tons of lube."Giano started laughing."What?""I've got a picture in my soft preteenmodels head of three cuckoo clocks with little penises popping out every hour."Rheece started up preteens nude supermodels now."They wouldn't be cuckoo clocks! You'd have to call them cuckoo-cocks."Peter rolled his eyes."You two are crazy.""No we're not! We're cuckoo."This last comment of Giano's warranted an attack to keep him quiet, but then they ganged up and said the monster was after them and Peter happily let them hold him down while they kept it under control. Giano said they had to work out some ideas for Martin but Peter had already thought about it."Our first idea should be the one Martin said.""What? hentia preteen girl Get our nipples pierced? No way!""It's on his mind Giano! Think how many times he's talked about it. I reckon he'll make us get it done anyway so we might as well get in first.""Hey! You're right. He nearly made us get them that day in the shop with Paul."Reece didn't know what they were talking about so they explained how Martin had got Paul's advice and even checked how different rings looked on them."Me with a nipple ring! God! And people will see it now that I have to do this swimming. But it's just the kind of thing he likes so I agree with you."Reece wrote it in the notebook as their first idea."He really liked that night you had to do the strip dance Peter. Why don't we work out something with us all in it?""Yes! Good one Giano! And how about we say we'll get Reece nice and tanned?""That wouldn't work.""It would if we say it's an all-over tan.""Hey! What about you guys?"Peter grinned at him."That's exactly what Martin will say. He'll reckon he's clever by making us do the same and he might even let it count for three days like the nipple rings.""That's sneaky! But it's a good thinking."Giano came up with the idea of a nudist beach and Reece made it even better."Let's say it's a secret idea and take him with us. He'll be trapped and have to join in himself.""Reece! You're a genius.""Ha! It sounds like I'm going to be a nude one though."Reece jumped off the bed to organise the notebook but he was soon back and they played a magnet game where they'd get stuck to each other. Then they played a tickling game, except it had to be sexy tickling. Then it was a tease the monster game, which lasted nearly half an hour to till the monster lost control and spat all over Peter's chest. Reece said he had a junior monster which needed training, so there was more teasing, and more spitting when Reece couldn't control it. Giano's little monster got jealous then, so he had to have a turn as well. There was a quiet cuddly time for a while and Peter felt great lying in the middle with hands roaming gently over his body, toying with his cock and cupping his balls."Hey! I've just had another idea for Martin. What if we work out lots of ways that the three of us can do stuff together and put on a show for him? I could sketch them all in the back of the notebook so we remember them. It'll be fun trying them too.""Reece! You're a genius! He'll love it!""We could ask him to take photos of us too, he might pass that as another idea if we call it a special portfolio or something.""Reece! What would we do without you? How many more ideas do we preteen nude usenet need?"Reece got the book out and figured the number of days."It depends on whether our suntan idea works as more than one day. We need three more ideas if he's generous or five if he's not."Giano started grinning because he'd thought of a position for them and Reece grabbed the notebook."We'll have to try all these positions before I write them down. Giano you bring the monster back to life while I get the lubrication and stuff."Three hot boners were quickly throbbing and ready for action and they started on Giano's position, which he called a 669. Peter was lying spooned behind Giano with his cock plugged in and steadily thrusting, while Giano and Reece were 69ing. Giano soon stopped them because it was getting too much for him."Peter! You'll have to move really slowly. You feel so good and with Reece at the front it's a double whammy."They quickly worked out to let Giano take the lead in how much movement and after another ten minutes he got them to swap."You both have to have a turn in the middle to see how good it feels."Reece took his place and after another quarter of an hour of keeping each other going it was Peter's turn. Martin came in as they were finishing their supper and wanted to know what they'd been doing all night. They guided him into the bed, pulled his clothes off and were all over him. Reece took his runners and socks, Peter his jeans and jocks, while Giano removed his shirt. As soon his he was bare Reece started sucking his cock and Giano did the same for his nipples."We've spent nearly all night thinking about the ideas for you Martin, and we want you to tell us if they're good enough. We're going to make you feel good first though."This made him laugh, but Peter could see he was enjoying this treatment."What? Aren't they very good ideas?"As soon as Martin preteen hairless girls was stiff enough Peter climbed on preteen pics forum top and with a quick squirt of lubrication, eased himself down till Martin was right inside him, started a slow but steady rocking movement, and massaged his chest muscles at the same time."We think they are, and we know you'll like the first one. We want you to choose a nipple ring for each of us, but we're going to pay ourselves this time."Martin looked very surprised that this."Really? You don't mind ukraine nude preteens getting them? You've spoilt my plans now, because that was going to be your penalty if you couldn't keep up with the riding score.""Well! We hope you'll follow Paul's advice and get really small ones, because then we wouldn't mind leaving them in later on. We'd like to get one for you too because we saw how interested you were. We reckon Paul would choose a kayla preteen model good one for you.""Me wear one? I'll have to think about that.""So is that worth three days then?""I've already said that, and if I decide to get one it can be four."They went through the ideas and Martin liked every one of them. He said exactly what Peter expected and made them all get a full tan, but then he wouldn't let them have the secret one."Tell me what it is or it won't count and you'll still have to do it.""We were going to have a picnic day and take you to a nude beach.""Ha! So you could trick me into being nude I suppose. All right! We'll go, but I might take Johnno and the others and trick them. Yes! That will be good!" He loved the idea of the positions too and said it was worth two days ideas for a two hour show, then wanted to know how many they had already."Um! Only one so far.""One? I can think of three or four straight off.""So can we! But we made a rule that we'd only count them if we'd tried them out beforehand. Then we got stuck for an hour because we liked the first one so much.""An hour? I want to see this."Peter felt a pang of disappointment. He wanted Martin's cock to stay inside him. In fact he wanted Martin to start telling him what to do."Not just yet though. Peter's being such a good cock-rider he's going to stay there. Giano! You do the same for Reece and we'll make this interesting. You two cock-riders, hey I like that, you used to be my cock-suckers and now you're my cock-riders, you have to keep moving but you're not allowed to let us shoot. Giano make your movements in time with Peter. Reece you haven't come since I left have you? We should be really even."There was a silent pause when no one wanted to say anything."You did?""I'm sorry Martin. It wasn't my fault. My cock took over and I couldn't stop it."Martin got the pleased smile again."No worries Reece. It just means the score goes up by one tomorrow and if you shoot before I do then you'll go up another one. Giano! That means you always have to move faster than Peter or else Reece has the advantage."Peter had to stop moving while Giano got Reece boned up and then slid down into place. "Okay cock-riders! Away you go!"Peter started moving again, then watched as Martin directed Giano's speed."That's it Giano! Now! Don't go any slower than that or the penalty wet preteen nymphets will be the same."Martin grinned."This is fun isn't it Peter? Are you going to keep me going like I told you?"Feeling like he was letting Reece down, Peter said yes. If he said no he knew that he'd just get a penalty as well. The look on Reece's face was a mixture of pleasure and concentration and he tried to hold himself back but he didn't have a hope. His head went back, his preteens in pantie eyes closed and his back arched as he pumped into Giano. This was Martin's signal to finish, and now it was Peter who had to speed up.Martin got everyone up at about seven the next morning."Come on! We've got a big day ahead of us.""What's happening?""Well! You've got your half-hour practice which we'll do after we've had something to eat. Your score is up to ten, you've got training and running in your new gear, we're going down to Paul's shop this morning and I've old preteen got some stuff for you to do tonight.""Paul's? It's nearly an hour and a half drive to get there?""We're not going anywhere else after the way he's helped us so far."Martin surprised them by joining in the half-hour practice and he slid into Reece and kept going for ages, but then he stopped whenever he needed to. In and out, in and out. Peter's cock slid till his balls were squished then slid back again till he nearly popped out. Martin was keeping his eye on him and he suspected he'd get another penalty if he didn't do this exactly the way Martin had directed. The long deep strokes and the pressure on his balls was a wonderful feeling but it sure built his lust up quickly. In and out, in and out, with every stroke a burst of pleasure. Peter tried so hard to keep going, that when he finally started pumping uncontrollably, he was totally drenched with perspiration"You didn't make it, but that was your best effort yet. Giano lasted longer and Peter only missed by three minutes."After a quick shower they were on their way in Martin's car and at 9:30 Paul got a total surprise. By 10:30 they were out of the shop and on their way to the beach where all they were allowed to wear was their light blue speedos."Martin do we have to keep walking up and down like this?""How else are people going to get a good look at your nipple rings and the rest of you?"They met Paul for lunch at 12 then at one o'clock the car headed for home where Martin left them."Be model super preteen at my room at seven o'clock and no shooting before then.""But what about our score? How will we get through it?""You could have done it in the car while we were travelling. But don't worry! You'll finish it. I'll make sure."Reece was wrecked at the end of his run. He flopped on his bed and said he wasn't moving for the rest of the day. When he took out a novel, Peter and Giano went for another run and then they flopped as well.Giano was the nervous one as they headed for Martin's room."What will we have to do Peter? I keep wondering what he means by preteen nude porno a special night.""He never tells us and amsterdam preteen sex he's never done the same thing twice yet."When they knocked he must have been waiting, because the door opened almost straightaway."Good! Get your clothes off and I'll lock the door."When Peter's clothes were all in a heap on the floor he wrapped his hand around Reece's cock and started working it."Hey! Do you want another penalty Peter? All I said was get your clothes off."He was in his bossy mode and Peter got ready to listen hard to whatever he said."It's catch up time for the penalties you've been getting. Put your hands behind your head and stand with your legs apart. Don't say anything or make any sounds unless I ask you something."Oh my God! cute preteen nudes He's going to do it thought Peter. This was straight out of the story Martin had mentioned the day they left the cabins."Peter! You're first! Come here!"Martin pulled all his clothes off, sat in a chair, and motioned Peter to kneel in front of him."You've been breaking the rules haven't you Peter?"Peter nodded then realised what he should have done."You know what game we're playing don't you?""Yes sir!""That's better! So what should I do with you?""Give me a spanking sir!""Very good! And what if you break the rules again?""More spanking sir!""How often?""Every night Sir!""And how do you want me to spank you? With a cane or with my hand?""With your hand please sir!""So you'd like my hand on your butt would you?""Yes please sir!""How much spanking do you deserve?"The story said a hundred hard whacks, but Peter wasn't going to say that."As much as preteen kids paradise you think I need sir!""I'm pleased with that answer. Get yourself into position.""Yes sir!"Peter remembered the story well, and draped himself over Martin's lap with his buttocks up in the air. Poor Reece and Giano. preteens bbs pic They must be finding this hard to believe."You two! Come and stand preteens pics x close so you can watch."Reece and Giano moved forward but then had to go back again."I expect the proper response when I speak to you."Reece understood straightaway and then Giano copied him."Yes sir!""Yes sir!""Giano! You stand behind Peter and make sure he's giving the right response.""Yes sir!"Giano wouldn't have a clue what this meant and Peter knew he had to help him."Sir! May I have a private message with Giano?""Yes Peter! The rules say you're allowed two private messages while you're being chastised."Chastised? He must be remembering it nearly word for word. When Giano leaned down Peter spoke in a false whisper so that Reece could hear as well."You have to hold our cocks together and give a squeeze or a rub every time I get a smack."Giano moved so he was kneeling behind Peter, then reached between his legs and underneath, and with a bit of fiddling soon had both their cocks together. Martin's hands were resting on Peter's butt and he gave a quick pinch."No crying or moaning or you get double the treatment! Understand?""Yes sir!"Peter steeled his muscles, expecting a powerful and painful whack. He hardly felt it. wet panty preteen There was a slight sting and russian preteen paysites that was it."I mustn't be hitting hard enough! I didn't get much reaction."This was different to the story. Martin was asking for a reaction, so Peter gave it with the next smack and jerked his hips down as if he was in pain."That's better! I can tell this is painful for you."With every little sting, Peter pushed his hips down and up in an exaggerated escape reflex. With Giano's hand and Martin's body in close contact, his boner built very quickly and he could feel Martin's as well."Do you think he's getting the message Giano?""Yes sir! It's having a very strong effect on him."That was for sure. His cock was wanting things to go faster now and he wondered how to make this happen."Please sir! Not so fast! The pain is coming too quickly.""You take orders, not give them Peter. I'll have to go faster now."He sped up and the smacks became a little harder as well. Peter wasn't sure if they really were harder or if his backside was getting more sensitive, but he started humping faster and faster anyway. Martin's cock was hard as a rock and just when Peter's balls started to tighten the smacking stopped and Martin's juice splattered everywhere. Everything stopped. Giano had to stand up, with Peter next to him while Reece used a hand towel to clean up Martin."That's enough for me! It hurts me more than it hurts you when I do this Peter."Another line from the story."Now I want you to administer the same punishment to Giano and then he can do it to Reece. Five minutes each and no messes. Turn round Peter! Yes! A nice rosy blush! I want the same on Giano and Reece. What does it feel like?"Peter turned round while the others examined the state of his backside."It feels kind of warm and tingly.""Did it hurt?""Well it's stings a bit with each slap but not really. You had me worried Martin, because in the story they were really hard whacks."Did you like it?""Yes! I did!""Tell me why!""I think it was because we were so close together and you were bossing me.""Is that all?"Peter wasn't going to say the next bit, but now he wondered if no nood preteen Martin knew somehow."Um! It was the first time out cocks have rubbed together. I didn't want it to stop.""Good! Now you can start on Giano."While this was happening Martin got the digital camera out to preteen fetish forum make sure the rosy blushes were recorded."Hands behind your heads, feet apart and standing next to each other for your photo. That's it! Now! Every time you get a new penalty you administer a spanking to each other. Hey! naturalist preteen art I do like that word. Now! Show me that position you were talking about last night. Make it last for about fifteen minutes, and all tiny preteen twats try and shoot at the same nude filipina preteen time."When they were finished they had a drink and then Giano had to lie down on the mattress with the night mask over his eyes."Just relax with your hands behind your head Giano, and don't move. It's going to be nice for a while and then there's a surprise for you."Peter had to kneel beside him and suck his cock."Keep him happy the whole time Peter."After about five minutes he produced a can of shaving cream and a safety razor, which Reece had to use to shave Giano's pubes and balls. Giano went all tense just before Reece started and Peter grabbed his hand to let him know he'd be all right. Giano told them later that he'd heard the board3 cgi preteens rattling sound when Reece shook the can and thought he was going to be spray-painted. Peter had to keep sucking the whole time while the cream was massaged in, while the razor moved slowly and carefully, and while the whole area was sponged and dried clean. It must have been a really weird feeling."Finish him off Peter! And tickle his balls, they must be feeling really sensitive."Soon Peter felt Giano's balls scrunch up and then he was gulping down the juice which flowed into his mouth. Martin removed the night mask. When Giano recovered from his orgasm, he always took a few moments to gather his thoughts then he sat up and stared at himself."Oh my god Martin! How will I go to swimming training with topphoto preteen the team. If they find out I'll be stirred forever. You know what will happen. They'll be hiding preteen 11yo panties all my clothes while I'm in the shower and preteen femdom making me show everyone. I'll have to stop swimming.""No you won't! Peter had the same thing about a month ago and no one noticed. What did you do Peter? ""I was worried too Giano, but preteen model erotic I just wear my speedos while I'm having my shower, then have my towel wrapped around me while I'm taking them off. There's a few of the shy guys who do that all the time and no one takes any notice."Giano looked a bit happier and now he had to have his photo taken."Peter! Have a good feel of him for the camera. That's it! Hold his cock up so his balls show out more. Now Reece, you get behind him then reach through and tug his balls down."The camera set to work again and they had to pose in the running shorts and then the special speedos. After this Martin went to his carrier bag and produced three packages."Okay! Put these on and we'll see how well they work. I saw them at the adult shop when I was looking for ideas."The Ball-Boss it said on the packet, and after some fiddling to get them on right, three sets of balls were held by these fancy restraints. There were two small loops, one at the front and one underneath their balls, and in each packet was a long piece of soft cord with a sliding fastener. Martin was reading an instruction sheet from one of the packets."This is interesting! Come here Reece!"Martin tied the end of the cord round Reece's big toe and slid the fastener till there was no slack."Keep your legs straight. Okay! Start walking!"With every step, Reece's balls bobbed up and down. When his leg was bent the pressure released and when it straightened they were tugged down."It doesn't hurt does it? Good! We'll leave it on while Peter and G. try the next idea."Martin fed the cord through the two underneath loops then pulled on the cord and slid the fastener along. It pulled Peter's balls outwards, upwards, and closer and closer to Giano's, till they were pressing lightly together."Reece! Put a CD on and they can have a dance together."They wrapped their arms round and held each other close. It actually felt good and Peter soon had a boner, as with every movement their balls moved and pressed together. The biggest effort was not to move in different directions. Martin stopped the music halfway through the track and released them."I can't wait to try this next idea. Giano! Down on all fours! Lube him up and get into him Peter. This should work best with your long cock."With the cord through the front loop on Peter and the back loop on Giano, they were effectively stuck together. Reece had to adjust it so there was no tension when Peter was pushed right in. Of course he had to start riding and every time he pulled out both sets of balls got tugged.How far out can you come Peter?"It turned out to be just over half way and then they were both complaining."That's neat! Next time I tell Peter to stay plugged in and he doesn't, you can do it this way. I'll have to think of a way to stop you undoing them, that's all."They had to try a few more things but then they took the restraints off. Martin knew they didn't really like them."Okay! Time for a shoot off. Make a daisy chain with Giano at the front and Peter in the middle."Martin sat on a chair with Giano sucking on his cock."Peter! You do the moving and don't stop. You're not allowed to shoot before I do. It's an extra point on your score if you do."It was rigged. First Reece and then Peter gave in to the pleasure before Martin allowed Giano to finish him off. Martin got some supper and that was the end of the night. He looked pleased with himself as he reminded them that their score for Sunday was now twelve."And don't forget that I'll be in at seven o'clock in the morning to give you that special test."The next day was their free-day and they all said there'd be no sex."It feels like that's all I've done since you came down to the cabin Peter."Total mistake! On Sunday morning they'd built up so much pressure they had no hope of lasting for a half-hour and the whole three of them got a penalty point. For the rest of the week Martin checked them out each morning and read the notebook to see their details but otherwise left them alone. With the score at fifteen they had to shoot five times a day each, and though they all complained, they enjoyed working out a routine which gave them the most fun. By the time they'd done the swim, gone for a run and found a place to sunbake in the nude, a great deal underground preteen models of the day was used up. The evenings were reserved for sex. For the next five nights they spend about four hours with their cocks plunging in and out of each other as they practised and experimented with all the positions they could think of. When they were soft they wrestled, cuddled, laughed or just lay close together till they built up again and their cocks were ready for another round. On Friday evening, and while Giano was sucking his cock, Martin told them not to have any sex the next day."We'll swap your test to Monday morning or you'll be useless like last time."At 11 p.m. on Saturday night Peter was lying in bed between Reece and Giano with a gigantic boner, which he wasn't game to touch. Giano grabbed it once but Peter stopped him."It really does want to attack you Giano, but I couldn't stop it if it got started and you know Martin is going to ask us if we followed his rules."So there they were, the three of them lying on their backs, stiff as pokers and not able to do anything about it. Martin woke them in the preteen child toplists morning with instructions for the day."I've thought about your control day at the cabins Peter and we're going to do it properly. Remember when everyone had to keep giving you a boner? Well! I'm going to preteen nude naturists allow you a quarter of an hour for each one. It's 7 a.m. now and I'll be back at 7:30 this evening. That comes to fifty boner's each. We'll make it forty-five so you've got some gaps if you need them. It has to be a proper boner, hard and tight, before you can let it go down again and you're not allowed to shoot."No one could say anything. Was he really serious?"What's wrong?""Forty-five times? Martin! We'll probably go crazy. What happens if we lose control?""I'll give you a choice. The three of you put on a show for Johnno, Mark, Ryan and Bill, or we have an extra week when college starts. If you don't think you can do it by yourselves then I'll supervise for you, but that will cost you two more points on your riding score. The fun will really start at 7:30 tonight."Martin gave them a few more rules and answered a couple of questions then left."Peter! Is this another idea out of those stories on your computer?""Um! Sort of! Just as well he's changed it, preteen stripper because it's worse in the story.""Worse?""Yes! It was a competition for five hours and the two guys who lost had their heads shaved bald.""Oh my God! Do you think he'll do that if we don't get the full number?""We'll make it Reece. We won't give him the chance."They were all fairy preteen pics worried about this though, so they spent the next hour giving each other as many boners as they could. Peter managed seven and the others nine. Peter took longer to get hard but his biggest problem was getting soft again. They slowed down now because they realised they'd be able to do this, and by midday they'd all build their totals almost to thirty. They couldn't do any more because one of Martin's rules said they had to have at least two boner's every hour. They made their 45 easily and after a good meal at the college cafe they waited for Martin who came in right on time."Whoo! Look at this! Three horny cocks that can't wait to get at each other. preteen henti Let's get you going then. Peter! Let's see how ready you are?"He held out the circle and watched Peter humping back and forth."What's it feel like when I make you do that?""I love it Martin and I always wish you wouldn't let go!"With a laugh Martin gave a hard squeeze then let go."Do your job Peter!"Peter wasn't quite sure which job, but a nod of the head told him what to do. preteen bikini pictures He dropped Martin's jeans and jocks, took his cock into his mouth and gently tugged on the bulging ball sack. Martin's cock grew quickly and in a few moments he pumped his normal huge load into Peter's mouth. As always, he held Peter's ears to keep him sucking while his cock gradually softened. His hand rested on Peter's hair next."You're the best Peter! Basically you know what happens next but here's how. Giano and Reece will lie down next to each other and you have keep them going for an hour and a half. If either of them gets soft it's a point to your riding score and we'll have a repeat day when College starts. Take them to the edge, turn by turn, but they mustn't shoot till the times up. You know their cocks so well by now that there's no excuse. You'll make it interesting and then it will be your turn."Somehow Peter managed it. For the whole hour and a free toplist preteens half he went from one cock to the next, teasing, sucking, exciting, till Reece was begging him to keep going, then leaving him nude little preteenmodel frustrated while he played with the head of Giano's cock, traced his fingers along it and manipulated the orbs in their smooth sack till it was Giano who was pleading him not to stop. After half an hour Martin restrained their hands into a comfortable position. Reece was quieter but he was the first to start humping his cock into Peter's hand as soon as it was held. Giano was making all sorts of noises. With his legs bent back and his hips pushed high he looked so erotic that Peter wanted to dive on him. His stomach was slippery from the steady flow of pre-cum and Peter had to work with a slow and careful touch and judge exactly the right moment to leave him. When the time was up Peter still worked slowly. Reece closed his eyes and pumped his cock into Peter's hand till he came with a long stream of juice, followed by his normal squirts. Giano's body kind of quivered and his back arched up till his first jets shot into the air, then he collapsed preteen female naturist while jet after jet flew past his head and weakened till the last few dribbles mingled with the dampness on his stomach."Holy Hell Peter! You did a fantastic job with them. I've never preteen girls ass heard of anyone who can handle a cock like you do. abused preteens rapidshare Giano looks like he turned himself inside out. Okay you two! It's your chance to pay Peter back. I bet you haven't shot like that very often.Peter nicked into the toilet. He didn't want to worry about needing a leak. Last time this was done to him there were nine different guys trying their ideas. This time there were only two, but they were the two guys who knew all the special tricks and movements which would affect him the most. His cock varied between hard and super hard almost the whole time, and if they couldn't touch it for a while they'd hold his balls, nipple-tickle, or any of the other things they knew that gave him special sensations. For the last half-hour he was frantic for Martin to let them finish him off. His cock felt like it wanted to burst and when he finished he lay completely exhausted, not caring one bit about whatever Martin was saying. Suddenly noticing that it was very quiet, he opened his eyes. Two bodies landed on him and some serious tickling shocked all of the lethargy out of him."Bullies! Murderers! Sadists! I don't want to move!""Ha! After what you did to us Peter? That's a joke!""Where's Martin?""He's gone! He said if we have one more ride each that will be enough, because he's so pleased with what we've done today."In the morning Martin woke them for their half-hour test and for twenty-nine minutes their cocks plunged steadily in and out, in and out. They all failed again."Only one-minute Peter! You've still got five days of practice so I reckon you'll be able to make it. What time are you doing your swimming and running today? I want to check up on Reece to see if he's improving much."When they met at 10 o'clock Martin swam alongside Reece for half an hour, then told him he was too slow."Martin that's not fair! He couldn't even last for one length of the pool when he started."Martin accepted that this was really a great improvement and then wanted to see him diving."Diving? Was I meant to do that?""No! But you can from now on."Reece was hopeless, which made Martin smile."Okay! 10 minutes preteen impregnation stories each day! You can all do it together so that Peter and Giano can teach you."Curses! Their plan was spoiled. While they were swimming their speedos weren't obvious, and they had their towels close by to wrap around themselves as soon as they got out. He'd noticed, and this was his way of embarrassing them."Make it twenty dives each day. preteen girl thongs Half from the edge and half from the low board."Every time they climbed out, the water moulded their speedos to the shape of their cocks, and since it took longer than ten world bbs preteen minutes to finish everyone in the place was certain to notice. With his running, Reece could manage the whole half hour now without stopping but Martin just told him to get faster. The first four or five days had been really hard for him but his body quickly adapted and now he wasn't totally wrecked when he finished. He was really pleased with himself in fact, because he hadn't thought he'd be able to cope. For the rest of the week they thought about their cocks, used their cocks and had to shoot six times every day. Tuesday was a typical day. At seven o'clock in the morning Peter pushed his cock into Giano and did the in and out, in and out for five minutes before they swapped. After another five minutes they swapped again and the wonderful feeling of Giano's chute teased the nerves in Peter's cock more and more. With each swap it was harder to keep going and eventually they couldn't. Martin was always there and he'd always make Reece shoot. Score three. After swimming and running in the morning they'd have another session. Peter's cock would slide so easily into Reece who would then contract around him. With no rush but no holding back either, his cock would continue sliding while the tingling built till his balls sent another burst of jism on its way. Score thumbnails preteen underage six when the others had their turn. Hop into Reece's car and head off for some lunch and then look for a place to spend half an hour nude in the sun and having youngest underage preteen a third session. Peter's cock, rigid and swollen from teasing by Reece's tongue, pushed eagerly into Giano again. A fast one this time because they wanted to see a movie. Pushed, pushed, pushed, while Giano shoved back till Peter squeezed with his arms, squeezed with his groin and then relaxed against Giano. Score nine when Reece and Giano took their turn. No more sex till about 8 p.m. They liked to look on this as their own time together. -a private time. They were still quite new to each other really, and it was a special chance to learn and experiment with their own ideas. As far as Peter was concerned this three to four hours of sex activities was great, and he knew the others felt the same. He could fit his cock in wherever he wanted to and there were two other interesting cocks to play with and keep happy as well. Giano had a lively imagination and kept everyone laughing and happy and then at other times they'd lie close, just enjoying being together. The three rides each they needed to make Martin's score were easy to fit in and they took whatever time they wanted to build and then climax. Peter's best thing was for himself to be inside Giano in their favourite position, while Reece was riding him from behind. Sometimes Martin would come in and get his cock sucked, mostly by Peter, or go for a ride, as he always called it, which was nearly always with Reece, but tonight he didn't turn up.The next preteen boys newsgroup few days were really busy. On Wednesday they enjoyed an afternoon at a nude beach and Peter was surprised to find that he wasn't embarrassed at all. They were wrong about Martin too, because he stripped off without a thought and enjoyed the sun and surf as if he was at an ordinary beach. On Thursday night they put on their position show and on Friday night Martin turned up at 7:30 p.m. He watched for half an hour, got Peter to give him a blow job, then left fairy preteen photos with a strong warning for them all to save their energy cp preteen pictures the next day. Giano was puzzled."What does he mean by that? Just lie around and do nothing?""He's said it to us before G. It means we mustn't shoot because he's got something big planned for us."The three friends talked about it and all agreed they should do what Martin suggested. Giano pretended to be pleased."Hey Reece! Just imagine! A monster-free day.""Wow! You're right G! What a relief! No frightening attacks for a whole day. No having to worry it's going to come out our mouth when he rides us.""No getting filled up like the Hoover Dam with monster-juice.""You feel like that? Me too! I keep thinking I must be pregnant when it fills me up like that.""Pregnant? Oh my God! Think what our babies would be like Reece. We'd have to have double size nappies to hold their cocks in.""They'd be quiet baby's though.""They would?""Well they wouldn't need dummies would they? Their dicks would be so long they could suck on those instead.""Hey Reece! That must be why Peter's so good at it. He started when he was a baby."They laughed as the owner of the monster got ready to murder them. Peter captured Giano first and sat on his stomach, but Reece got behind him and pulled him backwards till his head was at Giano's feet. Giano sat up and soon it was Peter who was held down with one body on his stomach and another sitting on his thighs. He couldn't help laughing when these two went into their monster taming act, and the monster loved it all as well. Funnily enough, the preteens board nude more they tried to tame the monster, the wilder it got and soon they all agreed that taking it for a ride was the only way to calm it down. Two more monsters now demanded taming as well and between them it took nearly half an hour of energetic and enjoyable riding activities to get fucking preteenz this finished.The next day was wonderful. Reece informed them in the morning that they were spending the day at the nudist beach and they arrived a bit after 10 in the morning with enough supplies of food and drink to last them all day. They swam, lazed in the sun, walked along the beach, talked, relaxed, wrestled and took Reece through his training. Peter kept smiling and looking at Giano and Reece, thinking how good they looked, Giano with his strong deeply tanned body and flashing smile, Reece bbs list preteen with his new soft tan and smooth fine skin. In the water they were all over each other, mucking around and laughing at each other's antics. On the beach they stirred each other about the looks they we getting preteen toplist thumbnails with Peter copping it most about his big cock. They did their own looking as well, making a game of describing the different guys around them. In the late afternoon they had a last swim, gathered their gear and left. They settled on hamburgers at a beach cafe for their meal and then drove back to college. After a shower they were soon snuggled in bed together, all agreeing on an early night. There was more laughter and teasing because they were all extra horny, but after some sneaky touches and supposedly accidental pokes with their cocks, the day's activities caught up with them and sent them to sleep."Stand next to each other."It was eight 'o clock on Sunday morning and Martin had them lined up in front of him."Work on each other's boner's while I tell you today's rules. We're going to start with our normal half-hour practice first. What's wrong G.?""Um! It's going to be hard after not doing anything all day yesterday Martin. We were all horny as anything last night."Martin was pleased at this."Yes! That's exactly why I'm getting you to do it. I want to see if you're learning to control yourselves the way you're meant to. I've got a special penalty lined up if you don't do well enough. Now! First rule. They always has to be someone with a boner. Second. Someone has to shoot every half-hour. Third. You all have to be in on it when the person shoots."Martin stopped talking and watched while this information sank in."Every half an hour? How long do we have to do this for?""You'll probably be finished by midnight, but that depends if you do it properly.""Martin! We can't do that. We'll never last.""Well! You know what will happen if you don't, but I reckon you will. You actually get one and a half hours each before you have to shoot again and that's a fair bit of recovery time. I've worked it out at ten rides each."Ten rides! They all stared at him. Peter wondered if it was possible. They were each doing six rides a day for their score at the moment so maybe it was. Then he thought about the half-hour practice.""Martin! If we have to do our half-hour at the start you know how much it will drain us out. Can't we do that some other time?""Hmm! I suppose so. All right! If you come up with a good enough deal I'll agree."The deal ended up with the time being extended to 35 minutes, with no shooting the day before Martin tested them."We'll make the test next Saturday morning to give you a chance to do some more practice. Do you agree with that?"They all agreed. There was nothing else to do."Peter! You can start the day off for us. Slide into G. after you've got him ready and shoot your first load. Reece! You play with Giano's cock and keep him hard."Giano settled on his back and in moments Peter was pumping steadily into him. Every stroke went deep and every withdrawal took him almost right out. This was what Martin expected. All of that long day the three friends worked their cocks, pumping load after load into each other and putting on the show that Martin demanded. Apart from a nude hot preteens half-hour break for some hamburgers at lunchtime and again for pizzas in the evening, he kept them busy with activity after activity, demonstrating all the positions they used for the show on Thursday night, shaving each other's pubes and balls smooth and then for more shock value, their legs, arms, buttocks paradise angel preteens and stomachs. They had to have tickle sessions, which nearly drove them crazy and they had to go through the spanking routine with each other as well. Every single thing was captured on the digital camera from every angle with hundreds of photos, which they all had to help take. Every time the memory card was filled, it was downloaded to the computer so another 60 high quality shots could be taken. Every half-hour one of them would start a ride, and as the day wore on the length of their rides gradually increased. By the end of the evening they were using all the tricks and techniques they'd discovered to help each other finish and there were cheers and smiles as each one managed to shoot in turn. Reece took almost the whole half hour for his last time and only made it by slamming frantically while Peter squeezed as tight as he could and Giano massaged his prostate at the same time. At 20 past 11 Giano collapsed, exhausted, with his cock jammed inside Reece. Peter squished them both down asian free preteen underneath him and held them in a happy and excited hug. Martin watched then sent them to the bathroom for a underage preteen nude cleanup and shower. They were all tired but their spirits were high and Giano kept hugging everyone."Wow! We did it guys! I didn't think we could. Reece! You were amazing! You tried so hard.""What about Peter? He tried hard preteen legs upskirts too.""Ha! He's got the monster. He doesn't have to try."A laugh and a hug followed this, and then they towelled themselves dry."Back in the room there was a surprise. Martin was holding a bottle of champagne and Peter had to open it."Go on Peter! Let's see if you can shoot just one more time."Peter popped the cork, making sure it pointed at Martin, then filled the glasses. Martin handed the drinks out and said this was for their amazing performance for the day."I really didn't think you'd be able to make it, and then I'd have a reason to book you up for another week at the cabin when college finishes. Don't worry though! I'll find another reason to make you do that."He laughed and held his glass up."Just stirring! You know I'll keep my word. Here's to the two hundred and twenty-one rides and here's to the best cock-suckers and cock-riders in College."He drank half his glass and then laughed even more."Go on! Drink it down! You know it's true! Peter! You liked everything I've made you do and you can't deny it. Reece! You told me you've wanted to do preteens gallery pics stuff with Peter all year. pubescent preteens nude And Giano! You said the same thing at the cabin. So, all of you drink it down."Arms lifted while the drinks were quaffed and then preteen ru gallery there was silence while everyone wondered what would happen next. Martin broke it with a laugh."I'll see you in the morning when I come to help you with your half hour practice. Peter! You stay for a while so I can see if there's any life left in your balls."Peter stood with his balls resting on Martin's outstretched hand while Reece and Giano dressed and left. Martin started a very gentle massage and tugging then grinned when he saw the results his actions produced."Look at that! Didn't I get you to do enough today Peter? No! I'm stirring. You've done your day's work. I'm letting you know that I'll be dropping in tomorrow night, so be there.""Do we have to do more stuff?"Martin didn't say any more and just pointed at Peter's clothes then watched him dress and leave.At 7:30 the next night there was a knock on the door and all eyes turned to Martin when he let himself in. Peter had told Reece and Giano what Martin had said and they'd talked it over all day trying to come up with an idea about what it meant."Peter is coming with me tonight, so just go on by yourselves. You'll see him in the morning."The tone was very definite, and Peter, feeling he had no choice, stood up reluctantly. He followed Martin to his room and at the sound of the door being locked he automatically stripped nude. Surprisingly Martin did the same and Peter's mind shifted into a cautious mode. Normally, Peter or one of the others would have to do this for him, and this was a slightly unnerving change. Martin watched for a moment then beckoned him closer. Peter stopped right in front of Martin."Closer!"They couldn't get much closer without touching, so Peter moved till his chest was slightly grazing against Martin's and felt goose-bumps rise where they were lightly in contact."Closer!"The only option left was to press himself against Martin. The goose-bumps changed to heat, where chest, thighs and groin now merged."Put your arms round and don't let go!"As soon as Peter did this he felt Martin's hands do the same round his lower back and then they stood there. Peter's certain reaction was to start stiffening and gradually he felt his cock pressing harder and harder against Martin's balls. At the same time his own balls were being pressed by Martin. God! This was turning him on. He was so hard now that it was uncomfortable. Martin eased the pressure on Peter's back and Peter took it as a signal to do the same. For a second their bodies parted, their cocks sprang upright, and then they were pressed together again. Martin held him without saying pre teen haircuts a word, and Peter wondered if he was meant to do anything. He tried a small movement, which mashed his balls tighter against Martin's and slid his cock enough to give a small burst of friction. Martin made a murmur of agreement so Peter kept going. With each push the thrill of sex sent its charge, pumping Peter and making him want more. They stayed like this and Peter's sense that Martin was acting differently sexy preteen bikinis grew even stronger. How long was this going on for? Was it yet another game where his cock was going to be teased all night without shooting? The feeling grew that Martin was waiting for something."Um! What do you want me to do Martin?""It's your night tonight Peter!""My night? What do you mean?""This could be the last time you're here. You've done every single thing I've told you and kept all our agreements even when I didn't think it was possible. I'll keep them too, so that means you'll be free when college starts. Tonight it's your tur